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Uhuru MLK Day

Uhuru MLK Day

01.21.19 - 10:00AM - 01.21.19 - 3:00PM

7911 MacArthur Blvd
7911 MacArthur Boulevard
Oakland, CA  94605 Map

MLK Day Event and Volunteer Project
An annual project of the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) and Black Star Industries (BSI). Carrying on the movement for African self-determination from the '60s to today!
Monday, January 21, 2019 from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm at Akwaaba Hall, 7911 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA.
Questions? 510-763-3342 x3 or oakland@uhuruvolunteer.org
The African community in Oakland played a key role in the nationwide movement for black power, but in the last 20 years 50% of the black community of Oakland has been pushed out by unbearable conditions:

Life expectancy 14 years less than white people
13x more likely to live in poverty
5x more likely to be unemployed
70% of all school police arrests
Highest instances of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, asthma and more.


Bring genuine change and solutions to the grave disparities and injustices faced by the African community.
Build programs putting control over health, health care, education and economic development back into the hands of the African community.

10am - 12noon

Watch historic films of MLK, Malcolm X, Civl Rights and Black Power leaders
Presentation about the movement for African self-determination today
Speakers and video of current APEDF and BSI programs

12noon - 2:30pm

Take Action: Volunteer outdoor flyering project, to help get the word out about Uhuru Furniture and Uhuru Foods and Pies

2:30pm - 3pm

Pizza lunch for volunteers
Prizes and open mic

Find out more at apedf.org and Black Power Blueprint on YouTube. Check out uhurufurniture.blogspot.com and uhurupies.org. Or contact us at 510-763-3342 x3, oakland@uhuruvolunteer.org
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You can be part of 10,000 Pies for Black Power BluePrint Team

You can be part of 10,000 Pies for Black Power BluePrint Team

01.24.19 - 7:00PM - 01.24.19 - 8:30PM+101.31.19 - 7:00PM - 01.31.19 - 8:30PM

Oakland Uhuru Movement
7911 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA  94605 Map

Are you looking for something meaningful to do during these times? Be a part of the Uhuru Foods & Pies Oakland team to support the Black Power BluePrint in St. Louis. In 2018, we are doubling our annual holiday and seasonal pie sales.

Every Thursday, you have an opportunity to learn more about Uhuru Foods & Pies at an orientation at the Akwaaba Hall in East Oakland.

Be a Pop-Up Coordinator, Volunteer, Baker or Social Media Guru. Build the African Comfort Food Sales at the Grand Lake Farmers Market or one of the streetfairs where you find Uhuru Foods & Pies.

Provide housing and/or transportation for Volunteers coming from other areas to participate.

There is a place for everyone who wants to participate in building real African community economy.

Meet, every other Thursday at the beautiful Akwaaba Hall in the Oakland Uhuru House!
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Join 10,000 Uhuru Pies for Black Power Blueprint!

Join 10,000 Uhuru Pies for Black Power Blueprint!

01.23.19 - 6:30PM - 01.23.19 - 8:00PM+1801.30.19 - 6:30PM - 01.30.19 - 8:00PM02.06.19 - 6:30PM - 02.06.19 - 8:00PM02.13.19 - 6:30PM - 02.13.19 - 8:00PM02.20.19 - 6:30PM - 02.20.19 - 8:00PM02.27.19 - 6:30PM - 02.27.19 - 8:00PM03.06.19 - 6:30PM - 03.06.19 - 8:00PM03.13.19 - 6:30PM - 03.13.19 - 8:00PM03.20.19 - 6:30PM - 03.20.19 - 8:00PM03.27.19 - 6:30PM - 03.27.19 - 8:00PM04.03.19 - 6:30PM - 04.03.19 - 8:00PM04.10.19 - 6:30PM - 04.10.19 - 8:00PM04.17.19 - 6:30PM - 04.17.19 - 8:00PM04.24.19 - 6:30PM - 04.24.19 - 8:00PM05.01.19 - 6:30PM - 05.01.19 - 8:00PM05.08.19 - 6:30PM - 05.08.19 - 8:00PM05.15.19 - 6:30PM - 05.15.19 - 8:00PM05.22.19 - 6:30PM - 05.22.19 - 8:00PM05.29.19 - 6:30PM - 05.29.19 - 8:00PM

Uhuru House
1245 18th Avenue South
Saint Petersburg, FL  33705 Map

Black Power Blueprint projects are about self-determination, stopping gentrification, uplifting and empowering the entire African community.

Everyone can be part of a positive future with African People's Education and Defense Fund and partner Black Star Industries to build these new economic development projects in St. Louis, MO:
* Uhuru House black community center - COMPLETED
* Outdoor Marketplace and community event space - IN PROGRESS
* Community Commercial Kitchen, Bakery/Cafe and African Independence Workforce Program
- COMING IN 2019

Bake and sell 10,000 Uhuru Pies with us! This is a delicious way you can be part of the Movement for independent economic and political power for African people! These opportunities are in the Tampa Bay area and there are virtual opportunities from anywhere.

Pie Mixing, Baking and Boxing
Social Media and Promotions
Staff Uhuru Pies sales booths at St. Pete Saturday Market and other distribution sites
Sell Uhuru Pies to friends, family, co-workers and previous pie buyers
Recruit volunteers online or be an onsite volunteer coordinator

Uhuru House, 1245 18th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL

Call or email for more info: 888-519-4022 or stpete@uhurufoods.org
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You can find Uhuru Pies at these locations


Join us on Saturdays for breakfast or lunch,
or sign up to volunteer with us!

Uhuru Breakfast & Lunch at St. Petersburg’s Saturday Market

EVERY SATURDAY OCT. 6, 2018 to MAY 25, 2019

Our famous Breakfast Wraps and Bowls, Green Goddess Grilled Cheese, Jerk Chicken Wraps (or vegan jerk!)

Served 8:30am – 2:00pm.

Volunteer with us to set up, cook, serve and tear down. Shifts available 6am – 5pm.


Uhuru’s African Comfort Food at
Oakland Grand Lake Farmers Market

Our famous Jerk Chicken or Vegan Jerk Sandwiches, Breakfast Sandwiches, Uhuru Pies, West African Ginger Beer, Jamaica, Lentil Curry  HandPies and more.

Served 9:00am – 2:00pm.

Volunteer with us to set up, cook, serve and tear down. Shifts available 7am – 4pm.