Uhuru Foods & Pies is an institution of Black Star Industries with the goal to build an independent African economy.

Now, more than ever, we need your support.

We hope that all of you are doing well in the midst of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are putting the safety and health of staff, volunteers, customers and supporters FIRST.
That means that we have temporarily closed our operations during this pandemic.
We are asking all of our supporters to contribute generously at this time.



 We need $5,000 (five thousand) dollars to:

  • Pay staff
  • Keep kitchen operations secured
  • Keep our phone lines open
  • Pay for insurance, inventory, vehicle parking
  • Be in place to grow our wholesale and delivery when it is possible
  • Contribute to the opening of Uhuru Jiko St. Louis
It is imperative that Uhuru Foods & Pies survive this period and come out even stronger!

The U.S. government is giving away trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to large corporations, like Walmart and the airlines.
We know that African people already face conditions of oppression and poverty. The coronavirus pandemic impacts this community in devastating ways. Uhuru Foods & Pies has always worked in the interest of our African community.
It is only the people who are supporting the Independent African Economy. Give generously and give as often as you can, now!



Uhuru Foods & Pies supports the Black Power Blueprint, a black-led self-determination project in St. Louis, MO. The Black Power Blueprint is working to overturn the deep poverty and oppression faced by the African community of St. Louis’ northside through political and economic power in the hands of African working people.

Uhuru Foods & Pies is in the process of funding and coordinating the opening of the Uhuru Jiko Commercial Kitchen in St. Louis, an outdoor event space and the African Independence Workforce Development Program.

This work is now challenged by the closure of Uhuru Foods & Pies.


  • Virtually volunteer: To learn more, email to oakland.volunteer@uhurufoods.org or stpete.volunteer@uhurufoods.org.
  • Sign up to volunteer in person when it is safe again.
  • Let us know the names of shops, cafes and grocery stores that can distribute our products as soon as it is safe.
  • Share, share, share all Uhuru Foods & Pies emails, Facebook posts and other social media
  • Like our Facebook pages and check them often to find new ways to support Uhuru Foods & Pies and get updates:
    Oakland Facebook Page and / or St. Pete Facebook Page

Uhuru Pies are available wholesale.
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